Introduction to the test of the L2K Mid-Drive Module

In the development stage of L2K Mid-drive module, various tests are continuously carried out to optimize the quality and reliability of product. Ensure high quality product deliver to the customer.

During the product development stage,various tests must be carried out to ensure product performance and reliability achieve high quality standard. The following briefly describes the tests of the L2K module:

Performance test: Measure motor torque, power, efficiency, temperature rise… etc.
Vibration spectrum analysis: Analyze the vibration spectrum to improve vibration and noise


Temperature and humidity test: Perform a long-term operation test under a high temperature and high humidity environment
Vibration test: Ensure mechanical structure and functionarefirm and solid after a long period of high-intensity vibration.
Life test: Simulate the riding strength and make sure all the components will function properly during the life cycle.
Thermal shock test: Ensure the system function runs properly in a high/low temperature cycle environment.